Protection scratch pants for agitation training

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  • Model: PBS3#1015 Scratch pants


Agitation protection scratch pants for a handler

Do you need a reliable training equipment for safe training of your pet? Would you like it to serve during long time and be useful for any activity? Then thess light weight nylon scratch pants will be of your interest. Besides the other benefits, it's machine washable, durable and allows a good mobility for the trainer. Special design of this scratch pants provides the helper with maximum comfort and additional mobility. This accessory will provide you with good protection while working against scratches. They're padded on legs and front part.

This is probably the best kind of stuff we provide for training dogs on a competition level. They will also be ideal for training of beginner dogs. This is a high quality pants for dog trainers which are waterproof, scratch resistant, and very lightweight. You can move with speed in practice wearing these lightweight synthetic nylon scratch pants. This beneficial advantage will probably appreciate every experienced dog trainer.

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  • Scratch pants for dog's trainingScratch pants for additional mobility of dog trainer
  • Agitation scratch pants for dog trainerScratch pants for agitation work

What is so special about these scratch pants:

  • Super light weight
  • Adjustable bibs
  • Protection add-on ready connection
  • Increased mobility
  • Pants with zippers for easy on/off
  • Back better adjustment belt

When these scratch pants are indispensable:

  • Attack/protection training
  • Field training
  • Schutzhund training
Size Waist Hip Leg Inside Leg Outside Weight
50/180 M 96 cm 38 inch 106 cm 42 inch 77 cm 30 inch 106 cm 42 inch 65-80 kg 143-176 pounds
52/180 L 100 cm 39 inch 120 cm 47 inch 77 cm 30 inch 107 cm 42 inch 75-90 kg 165-198 pounds
54/180 XL 110 cm 43 inch 130 cm 51 inch 77 cm 30 inch 108 cm 42 inch 85-100 kg 187-220 pounds
56/180 XXL 120 cm 47 inch 140 cm 55 inch 77 cm 30 inch 109 cm 42 inch 100-120 kg 220-265 pounds

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