Dog hidden protection sleeve made of french linen

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  • Model: PS13#1015 Dog hidden protection sleeve


Hidden sleeve made of extra strong french linen material.

Left or right.For the training of service and police dogs.

hidden bite sleeve

This hidden sleeve is made in our family workshop. During training you should put this hidden sleeve under garments.
What are 2 necessary parts of every k-9 police unit? Yes, right those are hidden sleeve and good quality muzzle. 

training hidden bite sleeve for dog trainers

While non police dogs are not trained to bite person in civil clothes, police dogs must be tested to verify they will actually bite someone that is not wearing a training sleeve or body bite suit.
Most of Schutzhund trained dogs will not bite person in civil clothes. Dog with sport background will chase subject constantly looking for sleeve to bite.
Be aware to the fact that simply putting hidden sleeve under clothes will not make your dog prepared but it is for sure essential of preparation to achieve solution. Make sure to complete additional defensive training with experienced helper.

To make it right purchase our hidden sleeve which is for sure one of the best available today worldwide.
You should be qualified to this special kind of training, if you are new to this kind of training, please make sure to do it with good instructor
You need also courage and it is better to have good handler on the other end of the leash during this activity.

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